My little girl

Ok so she is not so little anymore… she recently turned 21!!!!!20150130_182544 Can you believe it ?!?!? I am in complete shock. I feel like it was just yesterday that she was born. Well for her B-day DH and I went over to her apartment to celebrate. She had asked for her favorite meal of stir fry and hubby cooked it for her.

We brought her a cake shaped like a bear (it was cute but super nasty tasting… who would put chocolate icing on a carrot cake)20150130_190140

With it being her BIG 21 we bought her some yummies (well for her anyway – I’m sober)

As you can see I also had to get crafty and I filled 2 beer glasses with butterscotch candy and topped it off with some marshmallows (all for the sake of it looking like a real beer…ha ha ha). If you can see in the picture above there are also prepackaged shots. We picked these up for her because she was saying how she will probably be the ONLY 21 YO that will not be doing shots on her B-DAY… ha ha
20150130_191915Well as you can see , she got her shot in on her birthday… of course she hated it and looked just like she did when she was little and had to take liquid medicine, however; it was super great to be able to be there with her for such a big day!

Well keep on smiling!



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