Vera Bradley Giveaway!

This is my giveaway that I am having at my Vinted Store ( )

The forum area you will need to post to can be found here ( )


Hello Ladies…. This is my first Giveaway so help me make it a successful one alright wink

Here are the rules… if you stick with me to the bottom of the post you will see the prizes smile
Contest will run from tonight (Sept. 19) until September 29, 2014!

Please make sure you keep a running number count in your post for me (if you do this you will get an extra entry)

You will get 1 entry each for the following:
Follow me (on vinted)
bumping this post (5 day max)(on vinted)
Following @jay_dubb130 (also on vinted)

You will get 5 entries for:
Following my blog at and signing up to get updates via email.

You will get 15 entries for every $1.00 you spend in my closet. (spend $10.00 you get 150 entries)

You will get 20 entries for every $1.00 you spend at my Advocare site (

Now here are the prizes…drum roll, please!!!!

3rd Prize is $10.00 credit to my store
2nd prize – Make-up Grab bag
1st prize –Vera Bradley Cross shoulder bag with matching Wallet party


***** One random person will receive a surprise from me to be announced on September 24, 2014*****




Good luck Ladies!




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