Schnitzel Shack

While we were out and about visiting The Georgia Salzburger Place in Ebenezer (post to come soon) we decided to try a restaurant in Rincon that serves German food… but wait, not just German but Thai as well. I was not sure how the food would be with such an odd mix for the cuisine, however; we went anyway.

As you roll into this strip mall you see a thrift store in the corner, a bakery, nail salon, and a small little restaurant.  It is called the Schnitzel Shack.

Schnitzel-Shack outside

Not much to look at and you really need to be looking for the place to even figure out that it was there. One of the first things I noticed was how small it was and how it is a very popular place but definitely did not have enough room to house all of the patrons that come in there.

ss menu cover

Once we were seated we were handed our menus and the server left. We waited for quite awhile before she took our drink order. We get our drinks and it took her another 10 minutes to come back and take our order (now mind you they had placed us at a table that was reserved for another party and they told us that we need to make sure we finished our meal quickly). ss chicken satayWe ordered Thai Chicken Satay as an appetizer and then we also ordered Schnitzel for our meals, which were very costly. Upon ordering the food, the waitress didn’t understand the proper pronunciation of the menu, let alone what it was served with. The Thai Chicken Satay was cooked great, once we finally got it, and came with two well-made dipping sauces.We had to ask about getting this (as our appetizer) to be served in a timely fashion. This was then followed by the schnitzels (Rahm and Jaeger)  and their sides (Pommes- Spaetzle- and Potato Salad). The Schnitzels were amazing. ss jager snitzelThe Jaeger Schnitzel was topped with a brown mushroom Jaeger sauce, which was a little salty but delicious. The Rahm sauce was decent but did not taste like traditional Rahm brown peppered sauce. ss RahmschnitzelThe Spaetzle, which was not topped with a dressing, was beyond amazing. It was perfectly cooked. We decided to top ours with the Jaeger sauce, which made it even better. The Pommes, or fries, were also yummy. Along with this was the potato salad that was garnished with evenly cooked bacon. The prices may have been high and the service may have been slow, but the food was worth it. If you are ever out and about in this area, this crazy Thai-German restaurant is definitely a place you want to stop by.



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