Blendtec Blender



So my awesome hubby treated me with a Blendtec blender this weekend. I could not be happier! I have been searching all over the internet looking for recipes that I can create with my new blender. So far I have made soup, lattes, bread (which I will try again because the first time was a complete flop), brownies (I will be sharing the recipe soon – Yum), chutney, oat flour and of course smoothies.

Now my question is for all of my readers… do you have a recipe that you will share?


I am looking forward to all of the recipes shared!



One thought on “Blendtec Blender

  1. Hi, thank you for the follow. I bought myself a new blender early this year. It sits idle looking pretty in my kitchen most of the time. I make the odd smoothy, but I really haven’t used it much at all. Hope your readers will share some recipes and give me a jolt to use it more. I’ll share if I have anything worth sharing. Thanks for this post.


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