Sisters of the New South…

sisters logo

Tonight on our way home from Lowe’s (yep getting stuff for our next home project) we decided to stop at a new restaurant called Sisters. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable meals I have had in a very long time. When we walked in the first thing I noticed was the lime green walls. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think you could ever go wrong with lime green walls. Never being there before we were not sure what to expect. We walked up to the counter/bar and was greeted by a very nice lady. She explained what was on the menu for the day and had told us that ever thing they had was home cooked… nothing was prepared and purchased elsewhere.. WHAT?!? Are you telling me that the Mac and Cheese is not store bought… now that is something to write about. 

sisters rest

I did not take a picture of my plate (which, if you know me, is very unusual) so I had Hubby take a picture after the fact. I had gotten the turkey wing meal and it came with 3 sides. I chose the Lima beans, collard greens, and candied yams. The meals there come with a piece of corn bread. The meat on my turkey wing fell off of the bone and I felt as though I was having a Thanksgiving meal. I had a mouthgasm! Yep I could not believe it… 

Not only was the food AMAZING but the staff there was the nicest set of ladies. They placed our food on the table, even though it is set up like a cafeteria, and they never let our cups go half empty. 

Hubby and I are going to give this place a 9 (the only reason that they did not get a 10 is because they didn’t have any peach cobbler). 

If you are ever out and about you need to try this place, I know we will be back again soon!




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